You are part of Tahoe Perú That’s why, “Tú Cuentas”

You are part of Tahoe Perú

Tahoe Perú is happy to announce the recent launch of Tú Cuentas, its secure grievance mechanism for employees, community members, suppliers and contractors to report confidential claims, and submit questions, comments or suggestions. A similar Tú Cuentas program has been established at MSR in Guatemala since 2014, with reporting mechanisms in place at Tahoe Canada and the corporate office as well.

Tú Cuentas is a non-judicial grievance mechanism and management system aligned with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights for providing effective rights-compatible grievance management. It utilizes NAVEX Global’s case management software, which provides for multiple communication options and facilitates tracking, organizing and managing complaints. This allows Tahoe Perú’s Compliance Officer and management to respond to claims in a timely manner.

Tú Cuentas is available through the website, email and hotline listed below. Tahoe Perú representatives are also available to meet in-person at Tahoe Perú’s Public Information Offices. The launch of Tú Cuentas was accompanied by employee training and community engagement at the Public Information Offices, and has seen great success in promoting improved communication with Tahoe’s stakeholders.