Tahoe’s First Sustainability Report


Tahoe Resources Inc. recently released its first annual Sustainability Report that follows the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 framework. Tahoe’s 2015 Sustainability Report highlights our dedication to sharing value through sustainable practices and environmental, social and governance performance. Just a few of the topics we addressed in our 2015 Sustainability Report follow:

  • Protecting Human Rights: We continued our commitment to respecting human rights at our Peruvian and Guatemalan operations. All of Tahoe’s security providers received formal training in respecting human rights. Security providers from our Guatemalan subsidiary, Minera San Rafael (“MSR”), also received human rights training from the Guatemalan human rights ombudsman’s office in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (the “Guiding Principles”). Moreover, MSR successfully implemented a Guiding Principles-compliant grievance mechanism and adopted a robust stakeholder engagement tool called Boréalis and improved communication with local stakeholders. MSR also retained an in-house Country Risk Manager to ensure its security providers adhere to the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights and the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers. At our Peruvian subsidiary, Rio Alto, we measured security policies and practices against Tahoe’s endorsed international protocols and identified areas of improvement. We expect those processes to be aligned later this year.
  • Community Investment: In 2015, Tahoe invested a total of USD$63.8 million in taxes, local royalties and direct community investments in Guatemala and Peru. Key community investments included: women’s nutrition and entrepreneurship programs to reduce chronic malnutrition; school infrastructure upgrades; educational scholarships; reforestation programs; agriculture best practices training; and vocational education in trades such as welding, silversmithery and apparel construction. These programs help improve the lives of those living in the local communities by making healthy living practices and introducing new job opportunities.

To read more about these efforts and many others, such as our environmental stewardship and occupational health and safety performance, see our 2015 Sustainability Report here. To request a hard copy of the Report, email csr@tahoeresources.com.