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Lake Shore Gold Promotes Women in Mining

Led by the CEO and Executive Chair Kevin McArthur, Tahoe’s CSR Steering Committee identified gender diversity enhancement programs as a key focus area for its subsidiaries. Coincidentally, in March 2016, Lake Shore Gold, in partnership with Timmins Northern College and the Native Women’s Association, sponsored the national Mining Essentials for Women program, a 12-week entry-level

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Lake Shore Gold Supports Music Education

In February 2016, Lake Shore Gold partnered with the music non-profit, Through Education Music Provides Opportunity, to support school music education for high school and vocational school students. The course improved students’ music skills and explored careers in the music industry. Throughout the 5-month course, students learned from music professionals in areas such as songwriting,

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MSR Hosts Inaugural Employee Soccer Tournament

At Tahoe Resources Inc.’s Guatemalan subsidiary, Minera San Rafael (MSR), employees participate in extracurricular activities in order to stay energized and connected to their co-workers. Soccer helps unite MSR employees and strengthen morale and loyalty to the company. MSR’s Community Relations Manager, Camilo Medina, organized MSR’s inaugural soccer tournament to provide employees with a healthy, after work activity and to build employee relations. “Our employees

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MSR’s Community Office Promotes Meaningful Dialogue

Approximately 12,000 residents live in the San Rafael las Flores municipality in Santa Rosa, Guatemala, home of Tahoe’s Guatemalan subsidiary, Minera San Rafael (MSR).  The rural municipality is home to banks, restaurants, hotels, hardware stores and MSR’s community office, among other businesses and community interests. Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., MSR’s

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MSR’s Vocational Training Center Adds Cosmetology and Gastronomy Courses

Since 2013, Tahoe’s Guatemalan subsidiary, Minera San Rafael (MSR), has provided vocational skills training at its Vocational Training Center (the “Center”) in the San Rafael las Flores municipality.  The Center offers courses in English, computer basics, silversmithing, apparel construction and professional welding.  In March 2016, MSR added two more courses to the schedule: cosmetology and

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Making a Difference in Our Communities—Improving Health & Nutrition

Check out our second quarter newsletter highlighting the Company’s CSR efforts.

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Cuilapa Regional Hospital Receives Upgrade

Tahoe Resources Inc.’s Guatemalan subsidiary, Minera San Rafael (MSR), invested approximately $12,000 in pipes and faucets for the oxygen delivery system at the Cuilapa Regional Hospital in the Santa Rosa department. The donated materials give oxygen capabilities to each patient at the Hospital and will help approximately 600 patients in emergency, pediatrics and maternity care

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Anemia and Malnutrition Rates Drop

Tahoe’s Peruvian subsidiary, La Arena, has implemented the successful Healthy Family Home program in 14 local northern Peruvian villages in the past three years. The Healthy Family Home program, sponsored by Peru’s Ministry of Health, teaches families how to improve health and nutrition by establishing a more sanitary home environment and eating healthy foods. The

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Former Landowners Renovate Local Health Center

When Tahoe Resources Inc.’s Guatemalan subsidiary, Minera San Rafael (MSR), purchased the land to build the Escobal mine in 2010, it offered to let former landowners share in the mining profits once commercial production began. Each quarter, MSR’s Sharing Value program pays more than 200 former landowners a share of 0.5 percent net smelter return.

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Better Nutrition Increases School Performance

Since 2011, La Arena has improved more than 700 students’ nutritional status and school performance in the vicinity of the La Arena mine through its primary school nutrition program. In five villages near the La Arena mine—La Ramada, Pena Colorada, La Union, La Arena and Raumate—approximately 27 percent of students suffer from stunted growth and

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