Tahoe Resources Makes Significant Investment to Improve the Quality of Educational Facilities in Perú

Improving the Quality of Educational Facilities in Perú

Tahoe Perú recently invested S/.2’400,000 to complete construction of the third phase of improvements to the La Arena School in the district of Huamachuco. This project benefits 400 primary and secondary students and 20 teachers, and improvements include an auditorium with a stage and dressing rooms, a mini sports field, two fully-equipped homes to house teachers, and outdoor spaces with ramps, sidewalks, benches and lamps.

During the opening ceremony, Educational Institution Director Humberto Aguilar Delgado expressed his appreciation for the Company’s commitment to improving the quality of education in Perú. This milestone project was made possible through joint cooperation efforts between Tahoe Perú and educational and community authorities.