Cuilapa Regional Hospital Receives Upgrade

03-Cuilapa Regional Hospital Receives Upgrade

Tahoe Resources Inc.’s Guatemalan subsidiary, Minera San Rafael (MSR), invested approximately $12,000 in pipes and faucets for the oxygen delivery system at the Cuilapa Regional Hospital in the Santa Rosa department. The donated materials give oxygen capabilities to each patient at the Hospital and will help approximately 600 patients in emergency, pediatrics and maternity care each year.

Prior to MSR’s support, each patient in need of oxygen was supplied with an individual oxygen tank. That required a nurse to transport tanks each day to patients’ bedside. This process was time and labor intensive and also increased the risk to patients because the tanks did not always have sufficient oxygen for the needs of the patient. Moreover, the Hospital’s ambulance would commute daily to Guatemala City to refill the oxygen tanks, eliminating a vehicle for emergencies.

Today, through MSR’s support, every patient has sufficient oxygen. Nurses need not transport the heavy oxygen tanks and the Hospital’s ambulance is available full time for emergencies. “In terms of logistics and resources, the Hospital will save a great deal of money now that it does not have to buy and transport individual oxygen tanks. Additionally, and most importantly, the oxygen system provides better health services to patients and makes nurses’ jobs easier. We are so proud that we could help the Hospital, an effort which will provide continuing benefits to patients,” said Camilo Medina, MSR’s Regional Affairs Manager.