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Minera San Rafael Participates in the Cultivating Good Water Program

Tahoe Resources Inc.’s subsidiary and operator of the Escobal mine, Minera San Rafael (MSR), values its stakeholders and the environment. MSR’s on-going commitment to these values recently led the Guatemalan Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) to invite MSR as the first mining company to participate in the award-winning Cultivating Good Water (CAB) program. The

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Minera San Rafael’s Procurement Efforts Bring Hope to a Local Business

Minera San Rafael’s (MSR) Vocational Training Center provided training to approximately 1,485 students last year alone. Upon graduation, many students create new career opportunities that contribute to the local economy.  For example, a group of 13 women students received technical degrees in apparel construction after completing 800 practicum hours. These graduates have since formed their

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How We Make a Difference in Our Communities

You will find our second quarter newsletter highlighting Minera San Rafael’s community efforts in Guatemala.

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Minera San Rafael Updates Grievance Mechanism

Since Tahoe Resources Inc.’s inception in 2010 its subsidiary, Minera San Rafael (MSR), has put processes in place for service providers, employees and local community members to express their concerns, to ask questions and to give suggestions. And in January 2015, as part of MSR’s commitment to continually reinforce its social license to operate, MSR

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Minera San Rafael Engages with Thousands

Tahoe Resources Inc.’s subsidiary and operator of the Escobal mine, Minera San Rafael (MSR), has taken several internal steps which are designed to identify and to manage social performance issues based on international practices and guidelines. Accordingly, MSR completed a Social Impact Assessment (SIA) and Social Management Plan (SMP), demonstrating its approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and

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Employees Learn CSR and Human Rights Practices

Tahoe Resources Inc.’s subsidiary and operator of the Escobal mine, Minera San Rafael (MSR), is proud of its efforts which aim to meet international standards. Ultimately, its on-going efforts to meet these goals and strengthen its social license will be driven by its employees. To that end, MSR has implemented formal and comprehensive corporate social

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Tahoe’s Dedication to Environmental Stewardship and CSR

Questions answered for Stockhouse by Edie Hofmeister, Tahoe Resources Inc.’s Vice President Corporate Affairs.  Ms. Hofmeister oversees the Company’s legal, administration and corporate social responsibility departments and serves as the General Counsel and Corporate Secretary. Can you explain why environmental stewardship and CSR initiatives have been major components of Tahoe’s business model? Since Tahoe’s very beginnings

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How We Make a Difference in Our Community

You will find our First Quarter newsletter highlighting our community efforts in Guatemala.

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Local Farmers’ Business Grows with Help from Minera San Rafael

Since its inception, Tahoe Resources Inc.’s social investment strategy has been to maximize its positive community impacts by increasing our communities’ economic capacity. One example of this is our partnership with the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FUNDES), a consulting firm specializing in the development of small- to medium-sized businesses. Through this partnership, six business associations

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Tahoe’s VP Operations Don Gray, left, with President of
the Former Landowners Association Jorge Mario Pivaral.

Minera San Rafael’s Capacity-Building Efforts Encourage Social Investment

Since the startup of Minera San Rafael’s (MSR) commercial production, we have shared the financial benefits of the Escobal mine with our communities and the Guatemalan government. In helping to ensure these finances are used to the greatest effect, we equip citizens with a platform to execute social development activities in their local communities. Two

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